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Welcome to the Moylan Homepage

The Irish surname Moylan is an Anglicization of the Gaelic "O'Maoileain"

The purpose of this web site is for Moylan families to share information with each other.
Origin of Name: Don't go here unless you are brave enough to accept the truth!
Famous Moylan's
Moylan History

Do you know of any famous Moylans??
One was a miss USA contestant
One fought with General George Washington, another with General Custer, there was even a Moylan family member who was a bishop in Ireland.  President Bill Clinton even mentioned a famous Moylan in his 1999 Saint Patrick's day speech.

My Moylan Family: Stories and photos of my family.
Other Moylan Families: Contributions from others about their Moylan families.
Moylan Genealogy Message Boards: Are you researching your Moylan ancestors?  Trying to find out more about where your Moylan family came from? Leave a message on our message board; maybe you will find a distant cousin who already has found what you are looking for.
Moylan Links: Links to other Moylan sites, including one of my favorites "Moylan beer."
Genealogy Links: Some helpful sites for genealogy research, including a few Irish sites.

Guest Book: Please sign our guest book before you leave.

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