How to Find Me

This page is obsolete. I might or might not get around to giving directions to my present address.

Travelling from the north or west (Pacific Highway, New England Highway)

If you're coming along the Pacific Highway (from Taree), you'll cross the Hunter River at the bridge at Hexham and turn left onto the New England Highway towards Newcastle. If you're coming on the New England Highway (from Maitland), you'll go straight ahead at Hexham. In either case, you are now going east towards Newcastle.
At this stage, you are almost at my home, but you can't get there from here. (No U-turns allowed on Newcastle Road.) You therefore have to take a bit of a zigzag around the block.
Approaching my house
Once you are in Newcastle Road, heading west, you will see a green sign giving the distances to various places, and then a speed camera warning sign. The speed camera warning sign is directly outside my house. A "No Stopping" sign is also directly outside my house. Turn into the driveway to get away from the heavy traffic.
My house

Travelling from the south (F3 freeway from Sydney)

There are two Newcastle exits from the F3 freeway, very close together. Ignore the Cardiff one, and take the Newcastle/Wallsend one.
The "Newcastle Link Road" has three roundabouts. The third one dumps you directly into suburbia, in Wallsend.

Travelling from the south (East of Lake Macquarie)

This is for people who are travelling from places like Swansea or Belmont.

Travelling from the centre of Newcastle

Head west on King Street, and keep going without any turns. (Just to keep you on your toes, the road keeps changing its name: King St, Parry St, Donald St, Griffiths Rd, Newcastle Rd.) A block and a half past Croudace Street, turn left into my driveway.
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 Last modified: 20 July, 2012